For most of my career with Southern Pacific and all of my career with BNSF I was involved with the operation and steady growth of container volume through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. By 2001 it was not at all clear that the railroads would be able to keep up with the volumes of containers on the ports by moving the trains currently on the legacy facilities until the Corridor was completed. BNSF had only the former Santa Fe Harbor sub which was a slow route through Inglewood and Torrance over dozens of road crossings. Complaints from mayors and other elected officials and citizens were fielded daily. On some days BNSF ran sixteen trains on this route and that was not enough to keep current. UP made capacity available to BNSF to run the excess trains right up until the Corridor opened for business. The operational cooperation between these two competitors during the Corridor planning and implementation was the best I ever witnessed. To this day both railroads operate fluidly through the corridor and onto the ports through PHL on a well designed and constructed facility.