The process of keeping the Corridor safe and secure is a twofold process. Built into the Corridor infrastructure are a series of cameras, sensors, ladders and communications systems to monitor daily Corridor activity. This includes, “real-time” monitoring of the Corridor at key locations. In addition to the technology ACTA employs, both railroads patrol the Corridor with their Railroad Police force. The Railroad Police also enlist the help of local law enforcement and emergency services as necessary.

ACTA has developed and employs an, “Emergency Operations Plan” for the Alameda Corridor. This plan involves a multilevel communications program that links notification via the 911 Emergency System, Train Operators, Railroad Dispatchers, Local Emergency Services and Law Enforcement. Likewise, notification by train operators through the dispatchers is forwarded to first responders.  This 21st Century approach in ACTA’s Security Program also employs an annual “Hands On” emergency exercise to instruct and drill first responders.