Revenue Assessment Verification

ACTA’s revenues consist primarily of user fees and container charges paid by the BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad, pursuant to the Alameda Corridor Amended and Restated Use and Operating Agreement (UOA).  The railroads pay Use Fees for cargo using the Alameda Corridor, and Container Charges for loaded containers originating or terminating at the ports’ facilities that bypass the corridor to be transported by rail into or out of Southern California. Adjustment provisions allow ACTA to increase rates each January 1, based on October CPI, moderated to be not less than 1.5% and not to exceed 4.5%.

Railroads pay Use Fees and Container Charges monthly based on self-assessment.  ACTA reconciles payments using multiple supplemental data sources from railroads, ACTA’s AEI readers network and independent data sources.  

Proceeds of the Use Fees and Container Charges are pledged to bondholders to repay ACTA’s outstanding debt and for certain other eligible expenses and reimbursements.