Graham Christie, P.E.

Graham Christie, P.E.

Chief Operating Officer

Graham Christie is the Chief Operating Officer of the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, a position he assumed in December 2023. With over three decades of experience as an engineer, Mr. Christie has exhibited unparalleled leadership and expertise across a spectrum of more than 100 projects and programs. His practical, hands-on experience in the intricacies of rail systems, coupled with a profound understanding of project development and infrastructure requirements, underscores his invaluable contributions to the transportation sector.

Throughout his illustrious career, Christie has navigated the complexities of planning, engineering design, construction management, and program/project management across various rail systems, including high-speed, commuter, light, and freight railways. As a seasoned professional, he has held pivotal roles as project manager, overseeing the meticulous management of scope, schedule, and budget on numerous large-scale and intricate rail projects. His responsibilities have encompassed a broad spectrum, from civil and track infrastructure to structures, stations, grade crossings, and intricate rail systems such as railroad signals and communications.

Mr. Christie’s expertise extends beyond the technical realm; much of his career has been characterized by adeptly interfacing with train operators and tenant railroads, particularly in navigating construction projects within live railroad environments. His proficiency in coordinating construction activities with adjacent projects, stakeholders, and third-party participants—including utility owners, freight railroad owners, local jurisdictions, and regulatory bodies such as the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)—has ensured the seamless execution of complex transportation initiatives.

Graham Christie