Michael Leue

Mr. Michael Leue

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Leue is the Chief Executive Officer of the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, the agency responsible for the rail corridor serving the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Selected as CEO by the ACTA Governing Board on March 12, 2020, his tenure begins in the midst of a global crisis. Mr. Leue’s 35 years of leadership and rail industry experience will be crucial to navigating these initial challenges and keeping ACTA on course into the future.

Mr. Leue’s experience in railroad engineering, maintenance and operations, planning and environmental quality give him the understanding and capabilities to lead ACTA in overseeing operations, performing maintenance, environmental safekeeping, serving as a good neighbor to local communities, tracking cargo movements and collecting revenue payments.

As CEO, he is responsible for annual operating revenues over $100 million, maintenance of way budget over $5 million and operating expenses over $5 million.

Michael Leue

Operating revenues are collected to service general bond obligations of over $2 billion. Mr. Leue has provided corporate leadership to Fortune 500 companies supporting business operations including personnel, legal, marketing and finance. He offers leadership that anticipates challenges and envisions solutions to deliver excellence to our customers and stakeholders. His staff management philosophy is to inspire professional growth, productivity, safety and ethical conduct.

Mr. Leue’s technical experience is focused on railroad engineering and maintenance, leading engineering designs of 15 intermodal rail facilities, including wide span gantry intermodal yards at Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, UPRR and BNSF. His mainline rail design experience includes new construction and maintenance at Southern California Metrolink, Orange County Transportation Authority, San Diego Association of Governments, ACTA, BNSF, UPRR and international AREMA based railroad projects. He is an active member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association (AREMA), and an ongoing contributor to the industry guidelines that AREMA publishes.

The Corridor provides improved freight movement by rail while reducing truck trips, traffic congestion, air emissions, and slashing public roadway delays at railroad crossings. It is both an environmental mitigation project and a goods movement efficiency project. Mr. Leue has expertise in planning of landside transportation systems including rail lines, highways, ports and terminals. Planning experience includes master planning and financial feasibility of major projects such as Long Beach Naval Station Reuse Plan (1995), Port of Oakland Vision 2000 and Maritime Alternatives Study (2005), as well as Oakland Army Base Redevelopment into a port rail facility (2016).

Directly associated with Corridor business, Mr. Leue has been the author of the San Pedro Bay Rail Studies, initially published for year 2000 conditions (2002), with updates for conditions in 2005, 2010 and 2020. He also worked on San Pedro Bay Transportation Studies in 1999 and 2008, which evaluated the overall transportation system, including highways, port access roads, terminal gates and railways. The rail and transportation studies have given him key insights into the system elements that affect freight rail volumes, as well as opportunities to attract new cargo onto the Alameda Corridor.