What Others Say

One of America’s most significant transportation projects…We have had our share of success – the huge Alameda Corridor project in my home state for instance. I am proud to say that we came in on time, and on budget… The success of the Alameda Corridor Project demonstrates what we can accomplish with innovative financing and partnerships, and it exemplifies the kind of creativity we will need in answering America’s transportation challenges in the future.

-U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, Comments at National Association of State Highway and Transportation Union in Washington, D.C. 2002

This is the model for the country on how to do public works projects.

-Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn, 2002

The Alameda Corridor is the ‘Silk Road of the Third Millennium.

-U.S. Congressman David Drier, 2002

It’s an engineering marvel that will be studied all over the world.

-California Governor Gray Davis, 2002