Completed Projects

Redondo Junction Dedication

Alameda Corridor North

The North-End Project Area begins where cargo trains emerge from the Mid-Corridor Trench at the Union Pacific J-Yard and Santa Fe Avenue in the City of Los Angeles near the border of City of Vernon, and continues eastward toward the transcontinental rail hubs (BNSF Hobart and UP East LA).

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BNSF Train Trench

Alameda Corridor Mid

The centerpiece of the Alameda Corridor is the Mid-Corridor Trench, which is 10 miles long, 33 feet deep and 51 feet wide.  Traveling north from the Ports, cargo-laden trains descend into the trench north of State Route 91 in Compton and emerge at 25th Street near the border of Vernon and Los Angeles.

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Henry Ford

Alameda Corridor South

The South-End Project Area stretches approximately seven miles from the ports to the SR-91 freeway crossing in Compton, where the Alameda Corridor descends into the 10-mile-long mid-corridor trench.

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