It’s such a thrill to be at ACTA to celebrate 20 years of service.  I have enjoyed a career working in, and fascinated by, goods movement. I watched containerization blossom in the 80’s when the Ports stepped forward with a strong commitment to intermodal rail. The Alameda Corridor was a major part of that commitment. It wasn’t enough to build on-dock and near-dock rail, which was gutsy in itself; the Ports knew they needed to provide efficient landside transportation systems.  They grade separated the entire roadway network within the Ports and decided to give that same treatment to the surrounding communities.  The high-capacity, high-speed Alameda Corridor was born of this vision. My work at the Ports had always involved rail transport, and I admired the work of ACTA. To see such a remarkable public works project come to fruition and to witness the enormous positive impacts on the surrounding communities and on air-quality throughout the region was an inspiration.  Then, to be able to join and lead the organization in 2020—as it moved into its next decade of service?  It was a great opportunity. I look forward to continuing to work with the ACTA Governing Board, staff, Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and BNSF and Union Pacific railroads in moving goods safely and efficiently to the rest of the nation for many years to come.