When I retired as City Manager of Long Beach after twelve years, I planned to create a recruiting firm for high level public servants. I didn’t expect to be overseeing digging a hole through the middle of LA County. Nevertheless, that was what I did. The project was a gift from GOD. Can you imagine the supply chain crisis without the Alameda Corridor? My philosophy of management was not typically bureaucratic, where you use existing processes for all problems. Rather, it is to create tools and processes for the challenge at hand and put the right people in charge of solving those problems. Fortunately for me many of those right people were already in place. But they had to become a team and our finance functions needed to be strengthened. Legal and engineering were terrific except we needed a good owners rep. We got one! One of the biggest challenges was to get the corridor cities to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem. The Board was a dream to work with. The politicians were totally non-political about corridor business. At project conclusion (revenue service) a post project audit found that:” It was a thing that dreams are made of”. This project together with the Aquarium of the Pacific are the ones in my 52-year career in public service that I am the proudest of! Thank you, GOD.