Mr. Arthur B. Goodwin
Director of Planning

Mr. Goodwin is a registered professional engineer in California with 40 years of experience in transportation engineering, primarily with rail freight and intermodal terminal layout and development.

Mr. Goodwin initiated a planning concept study in 1980 that led to the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility or ICTF. As the ICTF Project Manager, he was responsible for planning and negotiating the rail agreements with Southern Pacific Railroad. He assisted in obtaining project financing, and supervised design and construction. Today the ICTF is the largest international intermodal terminal in the United States.

After six years as the Intermodal Marketing Manager for the Port of Los Angeles, Mr. Goodwin worked on the $2.4 billion Alameda Corridor program, one of the largest public works projects in the United States, initially as Assistant Director of Construction and Engineering.   Prior to the start of construction in 1999 he was on the negotiating team for the right of way purchase and the operating agreements with the railroads and managed and the preparation of the environmental documents and permits.

After the Corridor was operational in 2002 Mr. Goodwin became Director of Planning where he continues the planning for future regional freight rail and transportation projects to expand access and capacity to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and Southern California. The focus of this work is to also relieve congestion on the freeways and improve air quality.